NDFEB-2 15" 4" coil

NDFEB-2 15" 4" coil

The NDFEB-2 15" is Hutchinson Car Audio's competition focused 15" subwoofer, focused on efficiency and reliability. With 8 2.5"x1" N52 Neodymium magnets, this motor has a very high field strength, allowing this sub to take full advantage of all the power you give it. RMS power is 4000 watts continuous, though in a high power 'burp' aplication the user can push significantly more power through the subwoofer with proper precautions and know-how. 


The standard NDFEB-2 is powder coated gloss black and built with a red, two layer linear spider, 4" 4 layer flatwound coil, triple flat leads, a paper cone and carbon fiber dustcap. This combination was chosen through testing to create a total, optimized package with a low moving mass, high BL and high overall efficiency.


Options include a carbon fiber or kevlar cone, kevlar dustcap, and our own custom dustcaps. We can also build to spec with custom wound voice coils and custom color schemes upon request (see our 'custom' page for images of some of our previous work). 

  • Basic Specifications

    RMS Power (continuous): 4000 Watts

    Overall Diameter: 15.625"

    Cutout Diameter: 14.125"

    Mounting Depth: 12.125"

    Motor Diameter: 10"

    Weight: 89lbs

    33mm one way xmax (70% BL)

  • Recommendations

    recommended enclosure volume:

    4.5 cu. ft.

    port area:

    68 sq. in



Voice Coil Impedance
Cone Material
Dustcap Material

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