NDFEB 1-10"

NDFEB 1-10"

Fully designed and manufactured in house with a high strength neodymium motor and a custom-wound light-weight three inch four layer voice coil, the NDFEB-1 fulfills the needs of both the SPL competitor and sound quality enthusiast.


Utilizing 8 N52-grade magnets, the NDFEB-1 motor has the strength necessary to utilize every watt you throw at it, all while maintaining exceptional accuracy through our proprietary light-weight moving assembly. While this makes for an excellent combination, you can push the NDFEB-1 even further by adding on a Carbon Fiber cone, increasing efficiency and clarity even further while also adding a bit of visual flair.


Still not wild enough for you? Contact us directly to look in to a range of custom powdercoat and composite options! Since we make it all in house here in the U.S.A we can do just about anything you want!

  • Basic Specifications

    RMS Power (continuous): 2000 Watts

    Overall Diameter: 10.5"

    Cutout Diameter: 9.25"

    Mounting Depth: 8.875"

    Motor Diameter: 8.5"

    Weight: 52 lbs

    28mm one way xmax (70% BL)

  • Recommendations

    recommended enclosure volume:

    1.0 cu. ft.

    port area:

    15 sq. in



  • T/S parameters

      D1 Paper D2 Paper D1 Composite D2 Composite
    Fs (hz) 39   47.8  
    Qts 0.288   0.296  
    Qes 0.32   0.323  
    Qms 2.891   3.59  
    Vas (L) 11.39   13.89  
    Cms (mm/N) 0.072   0.066  
    Rms (kg/s) 72   66  
    Re (ohms) 2.099   2.136  
    Sd (m^2) 0.0335   0.0388  
    Le (mH, 1khz) 1.72   1.75  
    BL (N/amp) 19.21   18.32  
    Mms (g) 229.5   168.92  
    Xmax (mm @70%BL) 28   28  
    SPL (dB @ 1W/1m) 85.14   88.61