About Us:

The Team:

Hutchinson Car Audio started in Rapid City, South Dakota after Nick and Tom met while attending the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Early on they spent a significant amount of time experimenting with enclosure design and tuning, before moving on to designing the subwoofers themselves. Early iterations revolved around high power handling, heavy drivers with neodymium motor structures, but after taking the time to analyze the root problem that a competition subwoofer is trying to solve, they decided to go a different route. Based on some basic laws of physics, namely Newton's second: F = m*a, they began to pursue low moving mass, high motor force speaker design. As these experiments started to show more and more promise, they decided to formally go into business, forming Hutchinson Car Audio LLC in July of 2017. With an extensive background in manufacturing, design and proper engineering, they aim to produce high quality drivers that are capable of competition winning scores, produce excellent sound quality, and have superb aesthetics. 

Thomas Voboril became involved in car audio in high school while pursuing better sound quality. His experience revolves around a series of smaller builds, aiming to produce excellent sound at high volume within a reasonable budget. He has been in and around shop work since a young age, and is also in the process of earning his Mechanical Engineering degree.

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Nick Hutchinson has been involved in, and passionate about, competitive car audio since he bought his first car, the Tahoe, which is now Hutchinson Car Audio's main demo vehicle. He has taken the Tahoe through many iterations, from an early, single 15" ported box all the way to the 4 18" sixth order wall it has today. He also has significant experience in fabrication and welding, and is in the process of earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering.

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